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Grandmother Series

I refer to my Samoan grandmothers for these and other works on my website; their presence as individuals, their Oceanic women's experiences (both recent and historical), and sometimes too our one on one interaction because these pieces are also about acknowledging lessons. 

Assimilation Series
Each 48″W x 60″H, acrylics on canvas.

These paintings represent my mother’s family and mostly her generation. In the early 1950’s they migrated from American Samoa to Honolulu, and then in the late ‘50’s they migrated again to San Diego. Each painting represents their individual acceptance of or resistance to U.S. culture.

included in Red House installation
included in Talalelagi, Samoa installation
Each 48″W x 84″H, acrylics on voillle.
The Women
Each 18″W x 24″H, acrylics and china marker on paper.
Self Portraits